Friday, June 6, 2014

The KJV Study Bible

This bible I purchased at Barnes & Noble one Thursday during lunch and it's the best decision anyone can make. There is just something about having a brand new bible in your hands that makes the day extra special. New white, note free pages are just ready to carry what God places on your heart. It is a fresh start almost. A new beginning. 

As I mentioned before I am currently in Hosea and with my new purchases I decided to start on the first chapter. God has spoken new things to me and has revealed a weak area in my life. I'm glad. This means there is still room to grow in this crazy walk I have with Him.

I hope you don't mind the toddler feet in this next picture. I highlighted Hosea 1:2 because of Hosea's faith in God. I'm sure if He said to me "Alondra, go and marry a male prostitute" I would be like "God, are you okay? Weird demands are coming out of your mouth." Instead, he was obedient and did as he was told. Good came out of his faithfulness to God. I want that type of faith. For Him to say "Go and do!" and for me to do what he asked of me.

And what a better way to end the day than to explore our apartment complex with my little one. Our family loves peanut butter and sometimes our clothes hold the proof.

Sometimes, momma does everything she can to keep this head in place. I fail most of the time.

Till next time,
Alondra Karwowski

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