Monday, June 9, 2014

Midori - Week 24

I thought after a few days I would be itching to move back into my Filofax but the opposite is happening. This lovely journal/planner is working out perfectly for me. Not having to deal with rings getting in the way has been such a relief. Before, I didn't realize just how much they bothered me until they weren't a bother.. if that makes any sense.

This week was busy and full. Lots of gym time which is great but the plan is to step it up this next week. Lots of Barns & Noble. Lots of eating out which really hurt our pockets this weekend but we survived! And to end the week on a good note we all three took a sweet nap Sunday afternoon. It was a lovely 7 days indeed.

Till next time,
Alondra Karwowski

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