Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Julep Box - June

The Julep Box is a love a co-worker introduced to me last year. Immediately I was hooked. Each box contains over $40 worth of limited-run nail color and/or innovative beauty products! (Click Here for info)

For $20 a month, I have no regrets. Each box is as lovely as last months delivery. What I love most about Julep Maven is that a part of the proceeds goes towards organization that empower women. Their main mission is to 'ignite the spirit of engagement in women everywhere.' 

I couldn't say no to that, especially with such an important focus. 

 Each box contains an inspirational quote.
 You can also customize your box. So if you do not like what they have chosen for you, you can choose different.

& sometimes you get candy. Yes, you read right. 

Till next time,

Alondra Karwowski

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